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Wheels, tyres and rims range


In the Mercedes-Benz online shop you will find a wide variety of wheels for your Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG as well as wheels for your smart. The high-quality wheels are available in various sizes, colours and designs.

In addition to the steel wheel classics, we offer alloy wheels in sizes from 15 to 23 inches. Discover your new favourite now! And complete it independently with tyres suitable to the season.

Give your car a completely new look with the new wheel designs by Mercedes-Benz, wheels by Mercedes AMG and smart. You can easily buy original wheels directly from the Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Centre online. Our steel wheels as well as our alloy wheels impress with highest quality and great variety.

Our best sellers

E-Class 213 summer wheel set

C-Class 205 alloy wheel

Catalogue no.: 222263 A2054012802 7X21
Quality: B
7.5 x 18 ET44 5-twin-spoke wheel
200,09 €

GLC 253 winter wheel set

Catalogue no.: 442762 A2534012100 AA 7X45
Quality: B
PIR|ScorpionWinterEcoimpact 5-spoke wheel
799,00 €

Suitable accessories - hub cap, tool & accessories

For the perfect look of your Mercedes-Benz smart or Mercedes AMG you can rely on many of our exclusive hubcaps for alloy wheels or steel wheels of your vehicle. Buy original hubcaps and rely on the highest quality and secure hold. Here you will find hubcaps suitable for any wheel in classic laurel wreath design or in a modern design. In addition, we offer attractive offers for wheels and tyres as well as other tools and accessories. In the Mercedes-Benz online store you will find Mercedes-Benz hubcaps, TPMS sensor(s) and jacks for uncomplicated replacement and much more.


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Frequently asked questions

All questions about our wheels, tyres and rims.

Hub caps are not included in the delivery of the wheels. These can be ordered separately, you will find the assortment here.

If you would like to have your used part installed at a Mercedes-Benz specialist workshop, our partner workshops will be happy to help you. You will find all information here.
No, we do not buy wheels, tires or rims from individuals.
Wheels are exchanged for various reasons, e.g. as part of a conversion or to upgrade the design. Wheels may also be required if a completion with suitable tyres should be made - for example, to put together a complete winter wheel set. Wheels are also often replaced in the event of accident damage to the vehicle or due to curb damage to the wheels.
Recommended are wheel cleanings with special commercial cleaners. These are offered in the automotive accessories trade, with which brake residues and dirt can be cleaned.
Wheel bolts are not included in the scope of delivery. These can be further used if necessary - please note the compatibility here. You are welcome to ask your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer about this. You will find all information here.
The DOT number of the tyres stands for "Department of Transportation", i.e. the date of manufacture and the tyre age. The four-digit number is printed on the tyre sidewall. The code contains the production week and the production year. The DOT number is therefore an important criterion when buying used tyres and new tyres. Example: a tyre with DOT 1920 was produced in week 19 in 2020.
Heel and toe wear is a slanted wear of the tire's tread blocks. These are usually located on the outer sidewalls of a tyre. Heel and toe wear only has an effect on driving behaviour in very few cases. Heel and toe wear is often caused by incorrect air pressures in the tyres or by incorrect axle settings on the vehicle. However, this is neutralised again after a few kilometres when the tyre pressure is corrected.
At high speed on summer roads, winter tyres are exposed to much higher thermal stress than summer tyres. The tyre treads of the summer tyres are equipped with a heat-resistant tyre tread compound to cope with these extreme stresses.
Only if the dismantled parts meet our precisely defined quality criteria they are stored and sold. Our quality classes are divided into A and B quality and vary in their requirements depending on the product group. You can view these under the following link and are thus well informed about the quality status you can expect with your order. To get to the overview click here

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