Winter Wheel Advice

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Ready for Winter. You are already thinking about buying new winter complete wheels for your Mercedes-Benz or smart? Find the right rim with winter tires in a pack of four or individually at our shop now.

Dark winter season

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Let there be light: We make your headlights shine again at night and in snow flurries. Secure your headlights, taillights and brake lights now - just in time for the dark season.

Parking heaters

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Start the cold camping season well prepared. Secure parking heaters at a special discount now - for your Mercedes-Benz car, camper or commercial vehicle. Safety and comfort without freezing. We heat yours up properly.

Product recommendations for the cold season

GLC winter wheel set

Catalogue no.: 442762 A2534012100 AA 7X45
Quality: B
PIR|ScorpionWinterEcoimpact 5-spoke wheel
799,00 €

Winter wheel set E-Class

Winter wheel set C-Class

Catalogue no.: 492510 A2054018000 AF 7X45
Quality: B
DUNLOP|SPWinterSport4DDSST 5-twin-spoke wheel
629,00 €

Our highlight: AMG Rims

GLE AMG alloy wheel

Catalogue no.: 267776 A2924011700 7X23
Quality: A
11 x 21 ET38 AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel
755,65 €

AMG-GT alloy wheel

Catalogue no.: 298477 A1904011500 9A78
Quality: A
12 x 20 ET46 AMG 9-twin-spoke wheel
769,93 €

A-Class AMG alloy wheel

Catalogue no.: 457376 A1774011900 7X23
Quality: B
8x19 ET40 AMG multi-spoke wheel
473,62 €

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Body parts

Bumpers, doors and bonnets
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Used, checked and guaranteed

Used parts are no longer associated with poor quality.As the first manufacturer-owned disassembly company, we focus instead on the highest quality, careful testing processes and sustainability. Every used part is carefully inspected and must meet the same quality standards as a new part. Whether you want to give your customer’s vehicle a new lease of life or are simply looking for winter tyres: the Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center is the ideal place. This means that you not only avoid high repair costs for price-conscious customers while keeping the quality the same, but you also do something good for the environment. It’s the best or nothing.

Whatever you need... can find here. We are your trusted partner for Mercedes-Benz replacement parts. Interior fittings, suspension systems or engines: your Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center reliably provides carefully selected replacement parts after a customer’s accident or damage claim.

Wheels, tyres, rims and spare parts from Mercedes-Benz Used Parts

If you value top quality, great value for money and environmental protection, then used car parts by Mercedes-Benz are exactly what you are looking for.

Operating under the famous Mercedes-Benz star, we offer affordable repair services for workshops, taxi companies, fleet operators and, of course, your private Mercedes. As the first proprietary dismantling facility of it's kind, we specialise in recycling Mercedes-Benz components, from the 190 to the SL. Our repair solutions are in accordance with the current market value of the vehicle and tailored to models such as the 124, 129 and 140, all current series, as well as A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, G-Class, R-Class and commercial vehicles like the Sprinter, Altego and Actros.

Every year, our expert employees dismantle thousands of end-of-life cars as well as used and damaged vehicles on a combined area of 30,000 square metres. They do so with the utmost care and attention to detail, maintaining the high quality standards of Mercedes-Benz. Every incoming part is subject to thorough checks and must fulfil the same quality standards as new car components. Thus, we keep both your costs and environmental pollution to a minimum and make old stars shine again.

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts

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