Complete sets

Which are the unique features?

Complete parts in a large selection - Buy assembly parts at Mercedes-Benz Used Parts now!

Your advantages at a glance

  • ✓ Assembly part from the associated individual parts
  • ✓ for e.g. with electronics, fairings or windows.
  • ✓ Almost exclusively available from us
  • ✓ Tip! Save money and time
  • ✓ No more ordering parts individually
  • ✓ Delivered directly to your workshop in 2-4 working days

Your price advantage at a glance

Using the example of a bumper:

Bumper with all new parts directly at Mercedes-Benz : Costs on average 1.200,31€depending on the equipment.

  •  !  Complete Set GTC: average 700€
  • Total savings: average 500,31€ 

Body shells or individual parts directly at Mercedes-Benz

A1178800140 9650

Included in delivery:

  • Bumper skin

Complete sets at Mercedes-Benz Used Parts

A1178800140 97 9650

Included in delivery:

  • Bumper skin
  • Radiator grille
  • Base support
  • Cover left, center and right
  • Cover towing eye
  • Cover headlight cleaning system
  • Parktronicsensors
  • Impact absorber

Classically, dealers are mostly familiar with individual parts that are available as a body-in-white and primed. As a complete part, we refer to a part that is equipped as an assembly part with, for example, smaller electronic components, such as PTS sensors, reinforcements, trim. Complete parts are almost exclusively available at the Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center. You can see this in our product description "The following parts are included in delivery" and our complete parts icon. In addition, our last product picture shows you the scope of delivery in a drawing. Here you can see that in case of damage it is worth to install the complete part directly. By ordering a complete part from MBGTC you save not only money but also an enormous amount of time because you do not have to assemble your part and order it separately. We offer complete parts for seats, interiors, front/rear bumpers or doors/tailgates, axles, etc. For doors are e.g. window regulator, door lock, base support, window and still div. other small parts with it.

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