Our work processes

We are a 100 percent subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Group AG and the only recycling company with a star. Thus, we are not only dependent on end-of-life vehicles from the free market. The majority of our used parts come directly from vehicles of the development departments or from the fleet of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. Of course, only parts that have reached series production status are dismantled.

From test car to used part

Our teams test and work on thousands of vehicles every year. Quality assurance has top priority for recyclable parts. Anything that does not meet this requirement and therefore cannot be stored is sent for recycling. A responsible approach to nature obliges us to do this. We would like to show you the most important work steps in the following:

1. Delivery

We start with the collection of vehicles from the test and development departments of Mercedes-Benz AG. To be seen here: One of our car transporters delivering more cars for disassembly. An Actros full of used parts, if you like - like us!

2. Test bench

The first station after the vehicle acceptance - the working steps at our test bench:

  • Engine diagnosis by performance test and exhaust emission test
  • Functional testing of technical components using Mercedes-Benz XENTRY test equipment
  • Testing of vehicle components using standardized test methodology
  • Evaluation of parts based on defined quality

3. Draining

A double diaphragm pump for gasoline, diesel, used oil, coolant and windshield cleaner is used to remove all operating fluids. This ensures that no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere. It goes without saying that the extracted liquids are stored temporarily in separate containers in accordance with regulations.

4. Temporary storage

We store our vehicles dry and safely in robust cantilever racks until the next lifting platform at the dismantling stations is free.

5. Disassembly

Dismantling is carried out at work islands using special tools. Each employee is responsible for the entire dismantling of a complete vehicle. In addition to used car parts, recyclable materials such as catalytic converters, batteries & shock absorbers, aluminum and iron scrap also accumulate. These are processed by specialized service providers and sent for recycling. The "car body folder" is the last stop for residual car bodies before they are collected and recycled by a specialist disposal company. The dismantled residual bodies are pressed with 60 tons of contact pressure and minimized to a residual height of just a few centimeters. This allows more vehicles to be loaded per transport truck. Transport is thus more effective and has less impact on the environment. All dismantlable parts that we do not reuse are assigned to the recyclables separation.

6. Quality determination & storage

Each dismantled part is first determined with regard to its quality. We have clearly defined quality classes for this purpose. Then the used part is described and recorded in our system. Then it is labeled with a barcode label. With the help of scanners, the actual storage location is assigned and entered into the database, which is also accessed by the web store.

7. Packing & shipping

So that your order arrives safely. Our quality standards are just as high for our service concept as they are for our parts. That's why we place great emphasis on punctuality and reliability when shipping your ordered parts. Through constant optimization, we have developed a smooth and efficient logistics process. As a rule, an order reaches you within 24 - 48 hours. "Overnight" we create for most items for orders received by us until 14:00! In case of doubt, please contact us directly.

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